What Makes Us Different

We do things the right way

As mentioned in Our Philosophy, we don’t cut corners. We pull permits. We use professional tradesmen. When we take out walls, we get architects and engineers involved. Inspections required by the local municipalities are always performed.

We make each project unique

We make the design of each house unique. We don’t take a “cookie cutter” approach with our projects. Many flippers have generic templates they follow – same cabinets, countertops, etc. We believe the houses we build are as unique as the people who will live in them. So we enjoy making each one different.

We like open spaces

Since family is so important to us, we try to provide as much gathering space as possible – opening up kitchens and living rooms to encourage family time together. (Liz is always trying to find walls to take out!)

We live in the communities where we invest

We invest in our backyard because that where our families live. We know the people we work with, personally work on the houses, and ensure the work of our subcontractors is up to our level of expectation. We’re proud of where we’re from and where we call home, so we do what we can to keep those places desirable communities.

We do the work

We enjoy working with our hands. We love the satisfaction of putting in long hours and seeing the fruits of our labor. Coming home with dirt on our hands and mortar under our fingernails, makes us smile.

We see beauty (not just profit) in neglected homes

We both love to resurrect properties that have been neglected. Our goal is to restore the love that the house once had, but has been lost.

We’re especially sensitive to those neighbors who take excellent care of their homes only to have the unfortunate luck of being next to one that’s been vacant/neglected for years.

We love our (temporary) neighbors. We build strong relationships with all of them. We water their flowers, give them tours of our home, and let their kids help us with demolition. Our goal is to increase their property value too!

We are a family-centered company

Liz and Nick aren’t the only people involved. We share our passion for real estate and renovation with everyone in our family. Everyone is welcome to learn our process, the finances behind our plan, as well as picking up a sledge hammer and taking out some aggression!

Our kids (nieces and nephews too!) are involved as well. We believe in teaching them the value of a hard day’s work. We want them to learn that through some “elbow grease” they can take something forgotten and make it new again.

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