Who We Are

Liz Martucci grew up in Cape May, NJ, and has a background in medicine, specializing in the diagnosis of breast cancer for over 11 years.  In February 2018, she made the tough decision to hang up her lab coat and trade it in for a tool belt.




Liz Martucci TilingWhile Liz had no experience in home improvement, she wasn’t afraid to learn, believing there is nothing a man can do that a woman can’t!





Nick Martucci  is a former professional athlete, successful sales leader, and experienced real estate entrepreneur. His background is in sales, with over 17 years of experience in the software and medical device industries. An award winning sales executive, his authentic approach and intense focus on customer value translated to a track record of success. Under Nick’s leadership, his teams were responsible for generating more than $40 million dollars in annual revenue.      



Nick has translated skills and concepts learned while working for a variety of firms – from small startups to large, multinational Fortune 500 companies – to his real estate investments.

He used money earned from his “cup of coffee” with the Oakland Raiders to buy his first rental property at age 23. Nick has been involved with residential and commercial properties in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and North Carolina since 2000.


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