Our Philosophy

In spite of what you may see on TV, real-life house flippers have a somewhat negative reputation.

House flipping is a risky undertaking. Without a production company financing the project and a crew doing all the hard work for you off camera, it is expensive and very labor intensive. Given these challenges, many flippers cut corners, both financially and structurally. Several of our friends purchased “flipped” properties for their own homes only to find out months (or years) later that shoddy work was done.

When we got started in this business, we didn’t want to follow that school of thought. Our philosophy was, and is: provide the level of quality we demand for our own home, improving the value of the house itself and the surrounding neighborhood. We are proud of where we live and where we grew up. We want to do our part in keeping them enjoyable and desirable places to be.

Our attitude shows in our company name. We used our family name for one reason: we take pride in our work. We do things the right way. We pull permits, we use experienced professionals, and we invest our own money in our projects.

We believe we aren’t building houses, we are creating homes. Our projects get the same treatment, if not better, than the work we do on our own homes. We pour a lot of blood, sweat, and tears (literally) into each and every house we take on. We know that eventually they will be someone’s home – where families will grow and share love, create lasting memories, and be the centerpiece of their lives.

We’re excited to share our passion with you. We hope that you will be one of our future homeowners!


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